Program 1

Program 1 | Evolve

This Program Consists of:

3 type of courses

Certification EMDR by:

Dr. Paul Miller


This first category corresponds to a series of in-depth courses that result in a training proposal, where each of them grants continuing education credits independently. They respond to concerns related to topics of necessary knowledge and domain for any EMDR therapist. Therefore, they have been organized in such a way that they meet these needs and can be used in a progressive and complementary manner.

Each one presents an integrated synthesis of the most updated contents of different authors in the different areas they develop. Its value and particularity is that they are not limited to one or a few authors (as). Rather, they try to provide as much information as possible about each topic by prioritizing the theoretical positions that have practical utility and support in research, as well as technical tools for therapeutic practice from EMDR Therapy with each subject in particular.

Anyone with Basic Training already finished can carry any of them in the order that they want. And, only one, some or all. Although they have been designed with a clear purpose: to provide a training space that provides theoretical knowledge and technical tools of relevance, relevance and high standards of excellence, with the objective to take the therapists far beyond initial training.

Anyone with Basic Training already finished can carry any of them in the order they want. Only one, some or all. Although they have been designed with a clear purpose: to provide a training space that provides theoretical knowledge and technical tools of relevance, topicality and high standards of excellence, with the aim of taking the therapists far beyond the initial training

Because they are courses that are developed in virtual form, at the end of each one, an evaluation must be presented to access the credits and the corresponding certificate. Each course awards an individual certificate.

The following is an initial list of the Advanced Advanced courses (Specialist in EMDR) that make up the first part of the Evoluciona Program:

This course deals with a fascinating subject that inevitably reaches us all. Knowledge of the construction of the link and its implications for developing successful therapeutic processes is essential. In the field of EMDR Therapy there are wonderful authors because of the theoretical depth reached and the beautiful work proposals. In this course you will acquire theoretical clarity and technical tools, but you will also have the opportunity to reflect on your own past and present life. Further:

-Learn how to detect attachment problems.

-It will understand the neurobiological and psychological principles of the phenomenon of attachment conformation.

-Differentiate between child bond and mother-child bond.

-It will understand the way in which each person conforms.

– Understand principles for clinical intervention from the EMDR framework.

– You can conceptualize the cases of your consultants from this perspective, be it children (as) or adults (as). 

-You will learn to build White Sequence Plans from the perspective of the link.

-Know specific protocols to address them.

-Develop a greater awareness of the fundamental importance of the therapeutic link and the benefit that can be drawn in favor of their consultants.

– You will have access to real examples that will allow you to observe the conceptualization of cases from this perspective as well as the construction of work plans.

The theme of Dissociation is one of the greatest theoretical and practical richness achieved in EMDR Therapy. The contributions that various authors have made in this regard are numerous and of great value. This course presents an exhaustive review of them and their proposals, hence it is divided into two parts. Among the contents of Part 1 we have:

– Definition of the dissociative phenomenon.

– Characteristics and evolution.

– Psychological dynamics of dissociation.

– Dissociative continuum

– Differences between functional dissociation and pathological dissociation.

– Dissociative symptomatology.

– Advanced tools and strategies for the preparation phases and numerous concrete tools for the reprocessing phases.


Unlike the previous ones, these Advanced Courses are taught by experts from different parts of the world who have deepened on specific topics and have international recognition.

These are totally independent courses, which cover areas of detailed specialization in the practice of EMDR Therapy. They also grant continuing education credits, require the presentation of the corresponding test and can be taken by any person with Basic Training completed. CREATE EMDR has the privilege of opening its Independent Advanced Courses section with Dr. Paul William Miller:

– The first part of the course is open to professionals without EMDR training.
– The complete course can only be taken by people who have completed their Basic Training.


Lessons without economic cost of a minimum of 45 to 60 minutes of duration that present the bases of the available courses or materials, developing some of their topics and sharing technical tools in a simple and direct way.


From this space of 120 minutes each participant:

– It will expand its perspective of the traditional use of EMDR strategies with difficult or traumatic situations, to extend its application towards the enrichment of Phase 2 with populations that need to expand it by installing positive resources through innovative and creative protocols.

– Will be able to understand the fundamental principles behind any exercise or protocol for the installation of positive resources. In such a way that it can get to elaborate its own installation protocols.

– You will have access to a Protocol of Installation of Positive Resources of original authorship of the presenter (of 2 presented).

– Know the concept of Transition Protocols, very useful to develop in a creative and playful way the Phases 1 and 2, as well as to facilitate the processes of reprocessing with particularly vulnerable populations.

-You will have access to a Transition Protocol of original authorship of the presenter (of those presented 4).

-In addition, you will know 8 Reprocessing Protocols, also original, designed for situations that are distinguished by their chronicity, complexity or particular level of depth that require or that is possible to achieve.

-You will have access to one of those Reprocessing Protocols.

All the material presented in this class is part of the complementary tool that can be acquired independently entitled Advanced Guide No. 1. EMDR applications from Positive Psychology: Innovative protocols for the development of Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth. The fundamental emphasis of all the 14 protocols included in it is to facilitate and contribute to the development of Post Traumatic Resilience and Growth through innovative tools, metaphorically beautiful and, at the same time, enjoyable and profound.

Taught by the Expert:

Dr. Paul Miller

Recognized worldwide for his experience and innovative strategies in the treatment of people with difficult driving psychopathologies. On this occasion, Dr. Miller will present us with complex, dissociative and psychotic traumatic disorders.

Choose the type of course.

Complete course for people with Complete EMDR Basic Training.

You need to send your EMDR BASIC TRAINING certificate of completion.

$485 USD

14 hrs

With EMDRIA Credits.

Partial course for people without Complete EMDR Basic Training.

It is not necessary to send your EMDR BASIC TRAINING certificate of completion

$300 USD

7 hrs

With CREATE EMDR certificate